Sander Hoogendoorn - It's a small world after all: How thinking small is changing software development big time

The world is changing fast. More precisely, the world is changing at increasing speed. This means things that were not possible five years ago come into reach. Incumbent organizations need to adapt fast to keep up with new competitors that use new technologies easier, faster and better than they do. As a result, every aspect of software changes towards smaller. Even smaller teams or even micro-teams, less management, flatter organizations, even shorter cycles, and smaller components.

During this energizing and high-paced talk Sander discusses the Cynefin model, shows why software development goes so terribly wrong, how to move beyond Scrum and enterprise agile, why self-organization is not as easy as it looks like, why continuous delivery leads to not doing projects or estimates anymore and why microservices are hard but essential as underlying foundation.


Sander Hoogendoorn is a dad, a freelance consultant, software craftsman, CTO, architect, programmer, post-agile coach, speaker, trainer, and writer. Seasoned in agile, Scrum, Kanban, continuous delivery, (no) software estimation, smart use cases, design patterns, domain driven design, UML, software architecture, microservices, and writing beautiful code.

You can contact him on Twitter at @aahoogendoorn, or on LinkedIn.

Geoffrey van der Tas - Quality Engineering: A new hope for Quality Software!

Testing, Quality Assurance and delivering quality. It all radically changed over the last few years, all because of our new agile way of creating software. Now the latest evolution called DevOps has been taking the stage more & more in the last few years. Shifting more into automation and delivering software weekly or even daily. But how do you keep delivering high quality software that is tested in a proper way? How to prevent bugs from reaching your customers? Or even, how to keep them happy? To answer these questions we will focus on the following points:

During this fun & exciting presentation will include some nerdy jokes and practical insights on where you can start. Make sure to join this talk about "Quality Engineering: A new hope for quality Software!"


Geoffrey is an Agile Test Consultant for Ordina with 7 years of experience in the field of software testing in Scrum, Agile & the exploratory side of testing. He goes to many conferences to talk about Testing in DevOps and to do workshops about BDD, Exploratory Testing & Resilience Testing. Besides talking/coaching about software Testing, Geoffrey is also part of the team that became Dutch testing champion in 2018.

You can contact him on Twitter at @gavdtas, or on LinkedIn.

Ina Schaefer - How to test the universe? - Efficient Testing of Software Product Lines

Software product line engineering has gained considerable momentum in recent years, both in industry and in academia. A software product line is a family of software products that share a common set of features. Software product lines challenge traditional analysis, test and verification techniques in their quest of ensuring correctness and reliability of software. Simply creating and testing all products of a product line is usually not feasible, due to the potentially exponential number of valid feature combinations. In this talk, I present different strategies for software product line testing and focus on our recent work on incremental test case selection and test case prioritization of efficient product line testing.


Ina Schaefer is full professor and head of the Institute of Software Engineering and Automotive Informatics at Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany. She received her PhD in 2008 at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern and was a Postdoc at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research interests include constructive and analytic approaches for developing correct software systems, with a particular focus on software variability and evolution, as well as re-engineering techniques for legacy software systems.